Welcome to 642 Poems and More. I’m glad you found your way here. Hopefully you enjoy your time in my little corner of the web.

642 Poems and More is my place to post my poetry. I’ve written poetry for years. It started in middle school as a classroom exercise. Then in high school it became a private way to purge the things that were weighing me down. A few years ago I took a poetry focused creative writing class at the local college. It was eye opening and a bit inspiring. Poetry is pliable and varied; more so than I ever knew. That variety is reflected in the content available here. Some poems are my cathartic expression of life and its stresses, others are inspired by a prompt that got my creative juices going.

Now a little about me. My name is Taryn. I am in my thirties and just moved to Columbus, Ohio. I am also a brat, a military brat to be specific. Growing up I moved around a lot. No sob story here, but it did make me become comfortable being different and being by myself (I think I mastered that last one a little too well). I am strongly introverted. My two big concessions to extroversion are my clothes and my poetry. In both areas I’ve learned to pick up pieces of styles I like and combine them in a way that is…me. I also love books; pages filled with characters who became friends and stories filled with words that transformed my bed into pirate ships, castles, back alleys for spy games, tattoo parlors, and a whole host of other places. My words might not be powerful enough to transport you to a rogue duke’s pirate ship but maybe, hopefully, you will find a piece that speaks to you.

So, once again welcome to 642 Poems and More. I hope you find something you like.

– Sincerely,


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