I Read a Book

I Read Books (2)

I read a book and I get transported.

I read a book and I drown in dreams.

I read a book and I meet monsters.

I read a book and I fall in love.

I read a book and I breathe.

I read a book and I live.

I read a book and I am me…

Fictional Characters

Every day I sit at the café window

A two dimensional figure

Cloaked in black, size 10

Times New Roman.

Around me, a colorful world

In three dimensions

While page by page

The very thing that keeps me


Offers me leather bound glimpses

Of my only true friends.

Literally Me

I am a creature created by narrative.

Every time I emerge from the pages of a book,

I trade a small piece of my soul for a piece of theirs.

I emerge rejuvenated by heartbreak,


And happily ever after.

A fundamental renaissance. A metamorphic reincarnation

Formed in the fires of fiction

Under the pressure of imaginings, that to many

Are nothing but falsehoods.

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