May As Well

As Well

I might as well be mute

And you may as well be deaf

In your right ear,

But those are not the reasons

I never told you any of this.

I just knew to the roots of my teeth

And the skin of my tongue

That you wouldn’t hear me.

I’m Breaking Up With You Because…

I hate


when I’m

around you

more than

I love


Numb Is…

Numb: adjective, deprived of feeling or responsiveness.

I never understood why they told me that numb was good;

That it would help me heal.

Numb is never the absence of feeling.

Numb is the condom that would keep me clean but you refuse to wear.

Job done you tell me goodbye means forever.

Six hours later I am still counting the aggregate in the asphalt between my knees.

Road rash hurts right? I don’t feel it.

I don’t feel anything.

That’s not quite true.

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