Things I Want to Tell My Future Daughter About Sex

Sex is great.

And I don’t care why you do it the first time.

Whether it’s love or it’s to experiment it’s your choice.

I don’t care about the age, race, or gender of the person you give it to.

The only thing I don’t want to hear is that you did it to keep him or to feel loved.

Because I will always love you and you will always be mine.

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Cartoons on the TV for hours.

Barbies after that.

Mommy, braid my hair.

Lessons not yet learned,

Too much eye-shadow.

Mommy, I can braid my own hair.

Forty hour work weeks,

Dishes, laundry, and bills.

Mommy, braid my hair?

Years gone.


Mommy, I will braid your hair.