America, I’m tired.

America, I’m twenty seven years old and I’m tired.

America. What’s with all the marching?

Wouldn’t you rather have an app for that?

America, its rude to listen to your neighbor through the air vents,

no matter what they post on YouTube.

Didn’t your mother ever tell you to mind your manners, America?



I think you drunk dialed the wrong number again last night.

America, your leaders are passing laws about elementary bathrooms

while department stores are discussing a fall line of flak jackets marketed

to kids ages six to sixteen.

America, I know we’re high. After all its medicinal.

Why else would a green Lady Liberty look so much like Jesus who’s lost his cellphone?


America, I think you need to see a doctor.

You’ve paid for the insurance so you may as well.

America, what if there’s no cure?

America, I’m tired.

An Honest Politician: His Pre-election Apology

I am sorry I have to give this speech.

I am sorry I am not the kind of man you hope to vote for.

I made mistakes when I was younger;

to those who my mistakes harmed,

if my apology wasn’t enough

or if it never came, I’m sorry.

I apologize for those people who will make your troubles theirs,

not out of empathy, but because party lines

have placed you in the crossfire.

I am sorry that in my pursuit of an office

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