I cry.

I weep.

I break

down and

I howl.

Rivers rush


Then the waters

recede and

the fallow fields

grow green again.


The Chicken or the Egg

Sometimes I wonder which came first

The faith or the religion

The cause or the fight

The criminal or the cop

The rape or the apathy


Sometimes I wonder which came first

The chicken or the egg

And could one exist without the other

Because I, for one, would be happy

To spend the rest of my life eating beef.

Bullet Proof


I want to be bullet proof glass…

Multiple individual and separate

Sheets clear in the picture they present,

None obscuring the other yet

Together they provide a single

frame obvious in its clarity.



Detours and roadblocks and gilded bars.

Lines drawn in the sand

I wouldn’t cross except

that they were drawn by a hand

that isn’t mine.

Sign Here


Why does everyone assume that all souls

Sold were bought by the devil

When roads are paved with dotted lines

and all of life’s masters demand that you sign?

After-all “Hell is empty and all the devils are here.”