Bullet Proof


I want to be bullet proof glass…

Multiple individual and separate

Sheets clear in the picture they present,

None obscuring the other yet

Together they provide a single

frame obvious in its clarity.




Detours and roadblocks and gilded bars.

Lines drawn in the sand

I wouldn’t cross except

that they were drawn by a hand

that isn’t mine.

Sign Here


Why does everyone assume that all souls

Sold were bought by the devil

When roads are paved with dotted lines

and all of life’s masters demand that you sign?

After-all “Hell is empty and all the devils are here.”

Untitled #2


Another morning I wake up in front of the mirror

 mentally exhausted

heart sore,

   emotionally bruised and beaten.

Isolated from personal pleasures

By the heavy-handed victimizer of living.

Military Brat

military brat

Retired after

twenty years.

Now what?