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Why does everyone assume that all souls

Sold were bought by the devil

When roads are paved with dotted lines

and all of life’s masters demand that you sign?

After-all “Hell is empty and all the devils are here.”

Dead Man Walking

Dead Man Walking.jpg

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust

Steel up your spine so it doesn’t rust.

They built you a box from pine and nails

If you don’t fit it isn’t you who failed.

Pick yourself up, dust off your shoes,

Grow from the dirt in which they buried you.


Chaos in Heaven


She was an angel craving chaos.

Her voluminous plume having grown heavy

She sought to shed the burden of a few perfect feathers.

Fleeing into the night she dropped

Fiery crumbs across the sky.

Chasing the trail he gathers up the embers

Against the skin of his back;

He was a demon seeking peace

In the singe of heaven’s falling star.

Met in the midst of their agony

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A Fate I’ve Sworn to Keep

A Fate I've Sworn to Keep

All I want to do is save you

From the breech inside of me.

I’m falling through the cracks

And I’m too proud to try and reach.

Oh the irony.

God, I wish I knew how to ask you to stay

To hand over the key to everything

And let you see the wound inside I buried deep.



I am just like a thief

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Yesterday: An Ode to Classic Rock’s Greatest Hits


Over the Hills and Far Away

I boarded a

Crazy Train

along the

Highway to Hell


Paradise City.

I wasn’t



Comfortably Numb


Smoke on the Water


Tom Sawyer

led me towards the

Back in Black



whispered in my ear along the way, buying

Sympathy for the Devil

until his voice sang inside my head,

“Welcome to the Jungle”

and all of

Hell’s Bells