Worst Mistake

I’ve made worse mistakes

than believe you when you told me

you thought I was beautiful.

I’ve made worse mistakes

than believe you wanted more

from me than this.

I’ve made worse mistakes

than believe I wouldn’t die,

like Juliette, for a love so tragic.

I’ve made worse mistakes,

I have to believe,

than fall in love with you.

Razor’s Edge


I want to pinch the cold metallic shape between my fingers

As I cut lines through the druggy haze in the mirror.

I want the light to sing a merry tune along the edge.

I want to leave it on a tool bench and find it later,

Corroded and coated in rust, dust, and forgetfulness.

I want to peruse the aisles of a home improvement store

And find a box of ten just like it.

I want to see the worry on your face at the possibility

Of inflicting harm on myself when you find it beside my bed.

I want to have a razor blade of a romance.

Or just maybe I want nothing of the sort.




Since you left I haven’t slept worth crap.

The sheets that once slipped, silk against

My nipples, now scratches and clings.

The dyslexic street lamp outside my bedroom

Window taps out “miss you, too” in Morse Code.

Drifting off into the whirlpool of frustration

My mind wanders to those moments of

Post-coital haze. Early evening.

The sun has dipped and amber light

Watches through the gap in the curtains.

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A Fate I’ve Sworn to Keep

A Fate I've Sworn to Keep

All I want to do is save you

From the breech inside of me.

I’m falling through the cracks

And I’m too proud to try and reach.

Oh the irony.

God, I wish I knew how to ask you to stay

To hand over the key to everything

And let you see the wound inside I buried deep.



I am just like a thief

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I’m Breaking Up With You Because…

I hate


when I’m

around you

more than

I love