The Girl Who Cried to the Wolf


What they don’t tell you about the boy and the wolf

Is that it wasn’t a wolf who bit the boy.

For in the same village lived a girl who the boy loved to tease.

Three times when he pushed her to the ground she ran to town

And they exclaimed that boys will be boys and let the matter be.

One last time he pushed her down and she ran to the wolf and threw herself at its feet.

“I want to howl and bite, be strong and fearless like you” she cried.

To which the wolf replied, “a wolf is a spirit, girl, not a set of teeth.”

A week later she walked out of the woods with wildness in her gate

And freedom in her eyes. Three more times the boys played his games

And each time the girl bared her grin and dared him one hit further.

One last time he came for her, only to the shock of town, the girl fought back.

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