Fool Me Twice: part 2

Bring me the full moon in a beer bottle.

Soak my vision in the clarity of hop flavored fermentation.

Recognize the moon for the rough lover it is;

Leaving the sky blue, blending to purple

Then yellowing around the edges.

Have a bouquet of daisies delivered

And let the last petal that hits the table

Sing “He loves you not.”

Leave a box of chocolates in my mailbox,

And if the mailman eats them

They were 2 for 1 at the corner gas station.

It’s the thought that counts, anyway.

Take me to the restaurant where we had our first date

Wink at the lady at the table across the room

When my back is turned. I’ll never know.

Bring me the last rose to bloom the summer past

That you pressed between the pages

As proof that it too wouldn’t last.

Make me a construction paper Valentine

With “ I Luv U” on the front.

It’s amazing that I can’t see the “ed”

You erased in the end.

Honey, bring me the full moon in a beer bottle

And for the love of god, say good bye

Then let me go..

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