To the Guy Making Kissy Faces in the Parking Lot


Dear Kissy Face,


I reject your proposal.

I will not smile and nod and pretend that its cute.

It isn’t. We both know you aren’t really interested in me.

You want me the way a five year old wants

the sparkly red heels in the thrift store window.

She knows they won’t fit and only in the mind

of that five year old can she wear them with anything.

I don’t want you either.

The man of my dreams won’t whistle at me across a parking lot or

blow kissy faces at me from a moving car.

The man of my dreams will speak to me.

He will say actual words. Maybe

they will come in the form of a cheesy pick-up line

or maybe it will be a simple Hello.

Either way he isn’t you.

So please understand when I say that I am not rolling my eyes at you.

I am rolling my eyes at a world that thinks that

these few wasted seconds are anything other than rude.



The girl who is done playing along.

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