The Differences Between Me and You

Knowing when to cover up is


being modest.

Knowing to cover up in front of


is you bringing me shame.



Cry Just a Little

Today is one of those days that I wish I could cry.

Even just a tear or two.

It has to feel better than the heavy smile I keep dragging up my face.

Rape Fantasy

I walk to my car with my keys between my knuckles and my head on a swivel any time I pass a bush.

Safe and sound at home an internet pop up tries to sell me a subscription to a rape fantasy website.

And I wonder if either of us understands what that word means. Fantasy.

I fantasize about not being afraid to tell a date I live alone.

I fantasize about not being worried when I call a plumber and a strange man shows up at my door.

I fantasize about falling in love with a man who always makes sure I feel safe.

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Things I Want to Tell My Future Daughter About Sex

Sex is great.

And I don’t care why you do it the first time.

Whether it’s love or it’s to experiment it’s your choice.

I don’t care about the age, race, or gender of the person you give it to.

The only thing I don’t want to hear is that you did it to keep him or to feel loved.

Because I will always love you and you will always be mine.

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Worst Mistake

I’ve made worse mistakes

than believe you when you told me

you thought I was beautiful.

I’ve made worse mistakes

than believe you wanted more

from me than this.

I’ve made worse mistakes

than believe I wouldn’t die,

like Juliette, for a love so tragic.

I’ve made worse mistakes,

I have to believe,

than fall in love with you.