I Can’t Go Into This Right Now

I cant’ go into this right now,

But if I could,

I’d tell you

That the first time we met

I didn’t like you.

And since then my feelings

Have only gotten stronger.

I think it was your smile

That started it;

All blinking white teeth,

Lined up like a firing squad,

Between two pillowy soft

Mounds of flesh

I could kill hours kissing.

Then you had to go

And open your mouth.

I don’t remember how many

Or what words you spoke

But I can still feel your voice,

Like the silkiest sandpaper,

Rubbing against my skin.

And of course there is the way

Your arms wrap around me;

A junkyard car crusher,

Pressing in tightly

With me in your grip.

There are easier ways

To steal my heart and breath.

Finally, last night when

You dared whisper

Those three little words,

“I love you”

That was it.

I knew for sure

That I didn’t just like you when we first met.

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