One Thing: His and Hers

I might be going through a midlife crisis you know.

Besides, I’d really like to spend more time working on my golf game.

I want what John and Katie have. They look so happy.

And their kids seem to be okay with it.

You could go back to work.

I know you didn’t like staying at home.

Just look at Cash and Tracy.

They’ve been married twenty-five years now.

I wasn’t going to say anything but a few months ago

When I went out of town for business I slept

With a girl at the hotel bar. She was only 23.

I was driving home the other day and

I saw a “For Rent” sign in the window of this

Adorable two-bedroom apartment.

I think we’d both be happier if we got…

I guess what I’m saying is I want...

… a divorce.

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