Childhood Imaginings

I imagined myself a porn star.

I imagined my body that of a siren;

Gleaming with the sheen of manufactured sweat.

I imagined myself nude but cloaked in the armor of modern Amazons;

Mile high platform stilettos and a G-string.

I imagined myself with hair perfectly styled like it’s the “morning after”.

I imagined myself with a pair of tits that someone finds delicious.

I imagined myself your man’s every fantasy.

I imagined myself strong and self-assured.

I imagined the red of my lips a declaration

Against all who would speak against me.

I imagined knowing my power

Every time I feel the evidence of our mutual surrender,

His and mine, on the flesh of my inner thigh.

I imagined myself never feeling as naked

Or as dirty as when I was forced to hide

In the grey woolen barricade of a shapeless sweater

From the words poisoned by your depreciated value of my sex.

So, yes, I imagined myself a porn star.

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