It was just a job.

Three years watching her through that machine.

And maybe a little part of me fell in love with her.

I recorded the words she spoke.

Even the ones that I knew she was speaking to me.

In the hours that she slept every night

I stood guard; thankful for the dreams that made her sigh

And angered at the monsters who threatened her.

Friends visited her and I ached to be one of them.

She went on dates with men who didn’t deserve her.

But she seemed to see through them quickly.

I searched for patterns in her day to day activities

But she was too much of a free spirit to be so predictable.

For three years I made a point to learn her.

She loved mythology.

And shared her secrets with her cat.

And maybe a little part of me fell in love with her,

Because I wished she knew who I was.

Until she did.

And I knew that it was her job to spy too.


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