Fool Me Twice

Honey, bring me the sunset in a coffee cup.

Pour this ceramic vessel to the brim

Of a technicolor sky.

As the sun falls, dip dying the horizon

In Valentine hearts, monarch’s wings, and lilac petals,

Make me a promise to leave

A salt stained mattress at the place of impact.

An eight foot trampoline speckled with melted water balloons

From childhood games.

Return to me the sexuality of youth’s first love,

Tentative kisses and penetrating gazes.

Dilute it with the jaded optimism of the naive.

Infect me with innocence

And then place me in quarantine.

I am running on fumes

The least you could do is make them rose colored.

Bring me a pigeon’s feather from the eye of a storm.

Leave soot stained finger prints on my lips

So that no other arsonist will find me.

Brand me with the discordant harmony

Of a cheese grater on a chalk board.

Alienate me from the other sinners

And render my redemption

A forged ticket for 50% off heaven.

Bring me the sunset in a coffee cup

And fool me with the hope for a better one tomorrow.


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